Sleep is tremendously important.  It is just as important for your child as a healthy diet or a loving home. When your child is well-rested you will know it! They are content, cheerful, curious and attentive.  When a parent is well rested they are generally more patient and feel better equipped to handle the demands of work and family life.
When parents come to me seeking help I take it very seriously.  I know you will be putting a lot of trust in me.  It is my job to help equip you, the parent, with tools for success and of course get results that equal SLEEP!


We will talk about sleep and why it is vital to your child’s well being. This will give you the motivation and the understanding needed to make some changes to your child’s sleep habits.
I will create a personalized plan for your child based on their age and the information you give to me.  It will be straightforward and easy to follow.
We will work together. I will guide and support you and help you see the small successes on the way to our main goal, 


As you well know, babies cry. Some of them cry quite a bit. Infants and toddlers only have a few ways to communicate with us. When they are pleased, they smile, giggle and laugh.  When they are upset, hungry, uncomfortable, irritated, bored, frustrated or tired, they cry.
Crying is also your child’s way of protesting change, and it is likely that changing some of their sleep habits will result in a bit of protest.  We are on the journey to help your little one learn self-soothing strategies.
Before you panic, please know that I would never advise you to leave your baby crying in her crib alone if that’s not something you’re comfortable doing. Our methods are gentle and there are a few different solutions we offer. I’m confident we will find one that works for you and your family.
Have Questions? Please Contact Me.  I’d love to get you started sleeping better!

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