Miss Yanna

Hi, I’m Yanna Conway, founder of Miss Yanna’s Sleep Solutions. I am a certified Sleep Consultant, who is passionate about helping families find rest. I’ve always loved children. I remember as a teenager not knowing for sure what I would do with my life, but knowing that being a mother was on the top of my list. I had 4 sons by the time I was 29 and operated my own daycare for 15 years.

“Miss Yanna” became my second name by my daycare kids and just stuck. I went through a drive through not long ago and the young man passing me my coffee said, “Hey Miss Yanna, do you remember me?” I had to look twice but recalled this young man as a preschooler walking through my daycare door for several years each weekday morning.

I still love children. I truly enjoy helping parents teach their own children independent sleep skills that I have personally seen work over and over again. There is hope for that uninterrupted sleep you’re dreaming about!

So, how can I help? Send me a message and let’s get everyone in your family sleeping better.

“Sleep Help for Your Little Night Owl”