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“Sleep help for your little night owl”

Are you dreaming of sleep?  If you’re like many of the families I’ve talked with, you’re exhausted. Maybe it’s been months or years since you’ve had a good night’s sleep. For whatever reason, your little one has not yet learned how to fall asleep or stay asleep on their own. You’ve received and tried countless solutions offered by your neighbour, your mother in-law and even the cashier at the grocery store.

You are not alone!  I can guarantee you two things. Your child is even more tired than you are AND things can get a whole lot better very soon!

I’m Yanna Conway, founder of Miss Yanna’s Sleep Solutions. As a certified sleep consultant based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, I am dedicated to helping families everywhere become well rested. I would love to help you so please have a look around and let’s get started. The sooner we do, the sooner you can start enjoying a full night’s sleep!

When parents come to me seeking help I take it very seriously.  I know you will be putting a lot of trust in me.  It is my job to help equip you, the parent, with tools for success and of course get results that equal SLEEP!


“Sleep Help for Your Little Night Owl”